Feed 120 Ugandan Children for Christmas!

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We serve a mighty God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond what they could ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). Therefore, we are stepping out on faith and looking to partner with people to not only supply the special Christmas meal requested, but to also supply enough beans, rice, corn meal (“posho”), and cooking wood to last them 6 to 9 months so they can focus more on education and less on survival! To do this, we are looking to raise $6,500 by December 21. Once again we will be partnering with local minister and friend, Apostle Paul Omakada, and his ministry to purchase and deliver all of the food needed. He will video tape the delivery and we can’t wait to see Mrs. Agnes’ and the childrens’ responses. We are sure we will hear plenty from Mrs. Agnes by direct texts after they receive their gifts. We can’t wait! See below for more information.  Please join us in this effort, and give your tax deductible donation on our church web site, or, give on our GoFundMe site.

Children of Early Learning School during Christmas 2018.
Children of Early Learning School during Christmas 2018.

Video of children at Early Learning School

Check out this great video of some  of  the  children from Early Learning School  singing as a  thank you for blankets received  in 2018.

Christmas 2019 - Feed Early Learning School

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When Min. Alsandor and his son traveled to Uganda late last year for ministry and training, this place stole their hearts. Early Learning School (ELS) is a school that provides education, training, room, board, and a loving family atmosphere to children from infants to age 18 years, many of which are orphans without outside family support. But at ELS, there are “families” and each child at ELS belongs to one, with other students working as brothers and sisters and an adult “Auntie” over each family who cares for them and provides the love and stability that would otherwise be missing in their lives. The amazing mission of ELS is “to educate and groom children who will change the future of [their] nation through love, and who will excel in all areas of their lives.” 

During Min. Alsandor’s last visit to ELS, he asked the headmistress “Mrs. Agnes” if there was anything he or the church could do for the children for Christmas. Mrs. Agnes told him most of the children did not have blankets so it would be a blessing if he could help her get some for them. By the grace of God, upon his return to the U.S. with only 2 weeks to raise the funds, Min. Alsandor was able to launch a campaign to help raise enough funds to buy blankets for over 100 children boarding at the school.  Mrs. Agnes and the children were amazed and blessed by God’s provision and the generosity of people who assisted with the campaign. 

This year Min. Alsandor asked if there might be some toys or gifts he or the church could bless the children with this Christmas, but Mrs. Agnes asked if he could please help with a Christmas meal instead because their food supply has been very low, and run out twice, and she is concerned about the little ones becoming malnourished. With so many things they could have asked for, this request broke our hearts.  Paul Omakada, hosted Min Alsandor during his visit last year and has maintained a relationship with Min. Alsandor to this day. He visits ELS weekly and ministers to the students.

Apostle Paul Omakada, his wife, Joyce, his son Melchizedek, and Headmaster, Mrs. Agnes Biryahwaho.
Apostle Paul Omakada, his wife, Joyce, his son Melchizedek, and Headmaster, Mrs. Agnes Biryahwaho.